Slope Bucket

Operating Weight 12 to 45 Tonnes

The slope and loading bucket is a tilt backhoe bucket, equipped with a HKS tilt motor from the BV series. As such, it can realize a swivel range of 2×50 and 2×70°
(depending on the motor being used). The slope bucket combines the advantages of the ditch-cleaning bucket (has a compact design) and the tilt backhoe bucket (has larger volume). Due to its special design and reinforced materials, it is particularly suitable for grading and loading work. With the assistance of the rear cutting edge, surfaces can be easily leveled. The slope bucket is equipped with standard wear strips.


  • Individual adaptations
  • HKS tilt motor from the BV series
  • Swivel range: 2×50°
  • Rear cutting edge
  • Profile cutting edge type 151 or reversible cutting edge
  • Optional wear strips


  • Earthmoving